Monday, November 11, 2013

Single Premiere: Bipolar Sunshine: Drowning Butterflies

Do you know when an artist has an impeccable taste in fashion, & in your head, you make up what their music is gonna sound like? And sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't? Look at Ke$ha for example, she looks like trash and so is her music. It shouldn't even be called music. Well, Bipolar Sunshine definitely met my expectations. Magnificence. 'Drowning Butterflies' is a single off of his EP (same name as the single) that's out TODAY.

This track starts off with a bass guitar, then some weird shit joins in and creates magic. I believe that this particular style of building up an entire 'orchestra' is alluring, as well as keeps the listener interested. Bipolar Sunshine has been releasing great songs like, 'Love More Worry Less'. I'm loving his style, and his work. And I can't wait for more releases from him/them (not sure if it's a solo artist or a band).

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